Thursday, August 26, 2010


A running joke in Darkfall is that Wintergrasp is a horde zone, and that the fortress is Horde property.

I don't think that the Horde and Alliance populations of Hyjal are nearly as out of whack as this screenshot suggests. It seems to be rather a case of the Alliance just not caring. No matter how many stacks of Tenacity they have, a mildly organized Horde group will defend quite well. Especially when there is always coordination in General chat about who is going to take the Southern graveyards and go after their towers.


draNgNon said...

no, Hyjal really has gotten out of whack.

Khyrie said...

That's rather too bad. I liked it when the Horde was slightly outnumbered. Especially since we'd still kick the Ally ass most of the time.