Friday, August 20, 2010


It's been a long time since I posted. I've been busy both in game and out. I guess I will catch up one character at a time and then resume my normal posting.

Let's start with Tylara. I've not played her as much as I should, but I've been nudged a bit by the impending Cataclysm. Tylara (along with Kairon) hit 70 almost a month ago.

70 is still a pretty epic achievement, when one is not into power leveling. And no matter how much I try, I just can't power level, even though I intended to with Tylara. But at 70, it was time to pause, anyhow, and make her a little more real. Our first step was acquiring Epic flyers. Both Tylara and Kairon insisted on getting wind riders with armor to match their hair.

As an aside, it means Clara and I have 4 characters each with epic flying. That is a LOT of gold, poof into the vendor's coffers.

Then, I realized that Tylara is still missing keys to some Outland dungeons. I thought this would be no problem, I could just get the rep as part of queing for randoms. But no, it's no longer possible to queue for random normal BC dungeons at 70. Never mind that at least 5 of them are designed for level 70, undergeared groups, to run.

Speaking of undergeared, I also decided to spend the time and gold to get Tylara's blacksmithing skilled up. We had been stashing away many bars of Fel Iron and Adamantite and Cobalt in Bank of Balou, on Mornara, on Eeyan. Tylara ate those up on gear that partly she started wearing but mostly went to DE. Now she is 368 Blacksmithing - well into Cobalt. I confess it is a bit disappointing to have crappy crafted cobalt green gear blow away all those level 70 Armorsmithing recipes.

Then we took Tylara and Kairon into Howling Fjord, where the Epic Flying doesn't matter at all. We haven't really gone much past that, as we both get distracted by playing our other characters. But I still need to get Tylara Sha'tar rep, and a run of normal Botanica and Mechanar, for keying purposes. I confess I don't think I remember the instances well enough to tank them. We should run through them on Mornara and Ikoli to pick up some rep and refresh our memory on the pulls.

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