Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fangs of the Father

Tuesday night the 15% debuff to Dragon Soul went into effect. It's a very massive buff. So massive that even though we had to pug to fill out our 25man we killed all eight bosses that night. There was one wipe on Spine because we had a few people not get locked down and a few other people die to not getting out of the blast radius of the first Amalgamation. But we went on to one-shot Madness. And seven different people got achieves for killing Deathwing.

Admittedly the raid ended at 12:30 instead of midnight, but that was due to me running late and the time it took to pull in the pugs. I did make Saruke, our ranged officer, give out loot so that Earthen and I could keep pulling what little trash there was. And that helped make up a bit of the lost time.

I was pretty excited the whole night. Dragon Soul is a relatively fun instance and I was very proud of everyone that we killed all of it in one night. However, my excitement was entirely due to our rogue getting his last Elementium Gem Cluster. He has had some very nice luck with very often getting 2 gems when we run 25man.

After he got is last gem the only item that Swifty was missing for the legendary was a Fragment of Deathwing's Jaw. This of course drops from Madness, which was why the raid went 30 minutes over the usual time. We all wanted him to get the legendaries.

And get them he did! The Fangs of the Father, Tiriosh, Nightmare of Ages and Golad, Twilight of Aspects, are now one more guild achieve that we've completed. I'm so pleased and proud of everyone in Darkfall for helping make this happen.

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