Sunday, March 1, 2009

Heroic Naxx!

Friday night Rahlenti joined Kuan and Viljo to knock out a bunch of the Outland dungeons. Since all 3 of us had, many times over, done all of those heroics, we just hadn't actually got credit for them.

We were going to finish up last night, but first DraNgNon and I were eating dinner and then Rahlenti was eating dinner. So we figured we'd wait for him on some alts. I was checking some auctions on my banker when I saw someone asking for more for Naxx 25. So we decided to do that instead.

Miraculously it was actually a pretty good pug. Starting from a fresh Naxx we cleared all 4 wings and Sapph and KT. This got Kuan and Viljo 5 new achievements since they had only ever done the Plague and Spider wings on heroic. We one shot every boss except Razuvious and KT. For Razuvious our priests were new and had trouble the first time with the MC. KT we had a bit of an interrupt and healer fail. I think there was too much raid damage and the healers couldn't deal with that and forgot to heal the off tanks.

But we did it! Viljo got a belt and boot upgrade and his Valorous chest. Kuan got a couple of upgrades too, but I forget what they are.

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