Friday, March 6, 2009

Mighty Protection

After joining Twisted Minds, Kuanchichi and Viljo were knocking out a few quests in Icecrown last night. A couple of these quests were to go to Malykriss and kill Skeletal Runesmiths. We were happily laying waste to the skeletons and collecting quest items, when suddenly Recipe: Mighty Fire Protection Potion drops! We were not expecting that!

Possibly we should have looked up protection potion recipes, but we'd both gotten maxxed out on the recipes we could learn from Northrend Alchemy Research. So I figured that was all of it. Silly me... stupid Blizz.

Anyway another copy of the mighty fire prot recipe dropped before we were done with our quests in Malykriss. So we both have the recipe now. We just need the other mighty protection potions. They happen to be dropped by other mobs in Icecrown.
Dammed Apothecary (Frost)
Cult Alchemist (Nature)
Cult Shard Watcher (Shadow)
Frostbrood Spawn (Arcane)

It turns out that these same mobs also drop the Tailoring and Leatherworking resist items of the same school. So when she gets big enough Teltanara will also be farming these guys.

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