Friday, March 6, 2009

New Guild

After a break from WoW for a couple of days because of various life things, DraNgNon and I finally got a chance to log back in tonight. We'd been thinking about it for a while and had come to the conclusion that Thwarted Destiny was not for us any longer. Between the stupid loot system, the vehement insistent on not doing 25-mans until we were "ready", and driving out the tanks it had become not fun to be in. So we planned to gquit.

Before we logged on Kuan and Viljo we were bopping around doing AH stuff on alts. DraNgNon saw a resto shaman friend of ours and stuck up a conversation about her guild, since she left Darkfall, too. Turns out she is in Twisted Minds, which is led by Guitarkilla. Guitarkilla also used to be in Darkfall, but he left long ago. Like everyone else he used to be a noob, and long long ago Kuan and Viljo went through UBRS with him and some other people.

However Guitarkilla now seems to run a pretty decent guild. There is no attendance requirements or dkp, just show up at raid time and he'll try to fit everyone in. If you can't make the raid feel free to pug stuff. Twisted Minds runs 25-mans regularly. I was initially not sure of joining because their raid time is at 6 server, but it turns out more of their runs are on the weekends. And honestly even if we can't make raids most of the time, at least they are actually raiding. And there were 14 people online tonight. So here's hoping the new guild works out. :D


Wendy said...

Good luck to you!

Hellshot actually chatted with me for a while the other night, he was asking me about whether I was going to follow you guys out of Darkfall. It was an interesting conversation, I probably should have logged it. :/

Clara said...

Interesting eh? Hmmm... well what are you going to do?

Either way I miss talking to Hellshot.