Sunday, March 15, 2009

Progress and Backfill

After almost a week's hiatus becuase of work and other life reasons, Kuanchichi and Viljo burst back onto the scene again Saturday afternoon, just in time to go to a raid of Sartharion with a drake up. This took a couple tries... we left up Tenebron, and if the little whelps aren't picked up, they can daze people running to the gaps in the lava walls.

It seems to me also that they have moved the gaps. I couldn't get Kuan to them to save his life, and thus finally got the achievement: You Are a Noob And Died Early Against Sarth. We both also got the Heroic: Twilight Assist.

That didn't take long so we hit up EoE for some tries against Malygos. That was interesting and fun, for all that we didn't have enough people alive for phase 3 to get him down. I am sure it will happen in the next week. Hopefully Kuan or Viljo will be in that raid.

Afterwards, we hit up Rahlenti and cleared every last Outland Heroic that was still missing for the Outland Dungeon Hero achievement. That had been really bugging me since Kuan has cleared all of them so many times. Finally!

Last but not least, today Kuan finally one-shotted Troll Patrol: The Alchemist's Apprentice. Now, that's an achievement.

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