Tuesday, March 17, 2009




So in Icecrown, Tirion Fordring, leader of the Argent crusade sends you to check on one of his Argent Crusade pally dudes. You go, and you find that, lo and behold, the pally dude is sick! With the plague! Oh noes!!!1!!!one!!!

Pally person says, "leave me to die, for that way I am the most heroic and stuck up pally dude ever". You go back and tell Tirion this. Tirion is all, "oh hell no! we're not leaving pally dude to die! Go and talk to the droods."

So you go and do some druid stuff, and then you go back to pally dude with the an object containing the life giving Powar of Nature! But it has no effect on pally dude, he still had the plague.

You tell Tirion this, and he is all "oh no he didn't! go to the red dragons!" And you go and do stuff for them and go back to the pally dude. Pally dude is all "I am ready for pain" and you set him on fire. It's healing fire! Really! However it doesn't cure pally dude. He still has the plague. And is dying.

So once again you talk to Tirion. And Tirion is all "I know what to do! We'll call on The LIGHT" Laaaaaaa! And Tirion says go to Shatt. And then no good nosy Kirin Tor mage sticks her obnoxios self in and pops a port! So Viljo slaps her for pushing in on his porting business. And both Kuan and Viljo go to talk to A'dal.

A'dal is all <chime chime chime> "The LIGHT will help you." Laaaaaa! And then the rat bastard ports us to Dal! Viljo would have slapped him too! But he ported me instantly. :(

Anyway pally dude gets purified by the light, and all the 13 year old alliance people are happy!


tanthalas said...

But it kills him, IIRC.

Clara said...

Yes, he dies. But you get to see the Powar of The LIGHT Laaaaa!. Because he is purified and not turned into an undead.

Someone explain to me why A'dal is stronger than Alexstraza? I mean WTF??

draNgNon said...

Because the plague ultimately comes from Sargeras and that takes a Naaru <chime chime chime> to counter it.

Wendy said...

I read this, and I admit, I laughed. Really, really hard.

Clara said...

Yay! you laughed!! That was the point :D

And you couldn't have laughed harder than DraNgNon and I while we were doing it. Just imagine DraNgNon saying Laaaaa!.