Thursday, September 23, 2010


Last Saturday, the 18th, Kuanchichi and VIljo went to the arenas! I kept taking screenshots because every time we won was a new record.

We even beat a warrior pally combo. I was so pleased! Stupid pallies almost always bubble just before we kick their butts. And then they heal up while their partner knocks one of us out. :( But not this time! This time we smacked the pally around.

I hate double rogues. Hate hate hate. :( Violation by daggers is just not my idea of fun. But this time we managed to beat the dreaded two rogue combo!

At this point we realized we'd won 7 in a row. Unfortunately we stopped to think about the shiny achieve for winning 10 in a row. Of course realizing that we were close to an achieve and having broken 700 rating meant that is was now time for us to face a very well geared and coordinated druid/death knight team. Regrettably they smashed us. :(

Ah, well. We still went on to win our last two matches.

So now we're sitting pretty on 716 rating. Kuan has enough rating to get the lovely pvp totem. I think the next rating goal is around 1300 or so. That's when you can start getting the pvp weapons and such. Heh, well we'll work on it...


Also that warrior and pally from our 2nd match are on Hyjal. When we were all done with our matches I still saw them standing around the arena master. I might have thrown a few snowballs at them... Bwahaha! Stupid alliance. :D

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