Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Twilight Drake

Monday night, or technically very early tuesday morning, Mornara and Kuanchichi went to OS25. It was a three drake zerg organized by a priest friend of ours. She was on her mage alt, Fellicea. Mornara was main tanking, and amazingly enough we killed the dragon on the first try.

Let me rephrase that. The first time I ever take Mornara into OS25, she main tanks the dragon with 3 drakes up. And not only that, but I then go on to WIN THE ROLL for the Twilight Drake.

I was not expecting that. I rolled of course, and had hope, but honestly it was Mornara's first time on OS25, I thought that it would take serious farming to get it. Not just stroll in the for the first time and then walk out with a drake.

Though I was amused by someone trying to buy it from me after I won. I'd like you to note the order of events in the following screenshot.

Yeah, not about to sell my lovely new drake. The same guy tried to offer 18k for it, but really there isn't any price I'd sell an awesome mount like this for.

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