Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finding the Bar

A long long time ago, I was lost in Black Rock Depths (BRD). I wandered around the Prison Block and the Ring of Law. I fought my way through the Quarry and the Dark Iron Highway. I could see the Bar (aka the Grim Guzzler), but I had no fucking clue how to get to it. Shortly after that I was trying to get attuned to Molten Core. After several corpse runs and the other mishaps that result from trying to ask the Dark Irons for directions, I finally found my way to the place to lava hop to get attuned.

Those two experiences convinced me to always learn my way around a dungeon. Always always always. So I remember pretty much every dungeon I've been in (aside from Maraudon, fucking Maraudon). I can easily lead the way through Dire Maul. The Outland dungeons are laughably easy to navigate. The Northrend dungeons are also cake to find your way around. I know where the bosses are in ZG and I'm pretty sure I could get around MC. UBRS, LBRS, and even BRD are no problem.

In fact BRD I know so well I can give directions in gchat. I don't remember why Zephon was trying to get to the bar. I think maybe he had some rep turnins to do there? Anyway, Tylara and Kairon were helping to retake the Echo Isles. So while we did that I gave Zephon some directions:

I believe that he did eventually take a break from dwarf and gnome slaughtering to actually go to the bar.

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