Saturday, September 18, 2010

Raid Leading

Last Tuesday Kuan and I logged on for Darkfall's evening raid. I brought Mornara since we've had a pretty sever shortage of tanks. Hellshot, the GL was setting up the raid. He had too many people who wanted to come, but not nearly enough for a 25man. So we were doing a ICC10. Suddenly Hellshot decides that since so many undergeared people want to come he'll drop out. And just like that I'm main tanking and leading a 10man raid.

It was actually a pretty successful raid. We had a little bit of a problem to start with getting people who wouldn't disconnect. But once that was sorted out it all worked out. We entirely cleared the first three wings. Our only wipe was on BQL the first time we tried her. There was some confusion and we ended up with two vampires running about. But other than that it was a pretty smooth run. We even one shot princes when the other tank hadn't ever done that fight before.

Anyway while running from Festergut to Rotface we randomly triggered the second trap. We weren't expecting it, but I managed to react in time. This is what a well tanked and well AOE'd group of mobs should look like when dead:

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