Saturday, September 11, 2010

Retaking the Echo Isles!

The Echo Isles section in southeastern Durotar has been phased to allow players to participate in Vol'jin's effort to retake them from Zalazane! Of course Kuanchichi and Viljo were there for it. I'm pretty sure both Clara and I felt this was the most exciting thing to happen in game since the Venomhide Ravasaur.

It's set up like a mini Wrathgate, but with better voice acting, and since it's not available to Alliance, it's a Feat of Strength. I won't say more becuase of the spoilers, but honestly I don't think any event related to WotLK has nearly as good voice acting as the interactions between Vol'jin and the other trolls; not even Wrathgate. And this event has a lot of voice acting. If we're getting a representative sample of the upcoming Cataclysm, I am quite excited.

Here, Zalazane is telling Vol'jin to go blow, basically.

The cadence and actual pronunciation of the trolls, btw, don't match the emphasis and spelling in the text at all. It's a spot of cognitive dissonance.

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