Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bank of Balou

DraNgNon and I decided that we needed our own alt guild bank. We'd been dumping random rep stuff into Ancestor Cult, but there is only so much space and we can't buy new tabs. Also both DraNgNon and I are paranoid. If we're going to put primals and high level ore into a bank we want to make sure the situation is entirely under our control.

So I took my alt, Lithui, and pulled him out of Ancestor Cult and bought him a guild charter. He pestered various friends and finally got the required 9 signatures the other day. And thus Bank of Balou was formed! I picked out a nice tabard: black background, white border, and a golden snarling dog head. It's meaner looking than Balou usually is, well unless he sees his reflection.

The first tab was 100g. It now holds a LOT of cloth. And that's not all of the cloth that our banker alts were carrying either...

The second tab was 250g. It now holds crafting mats. It's got stone, leather, grinding stones, ore and bars.

The third tab was 500g. It now holds gems and primals. We hold on to all of our primals and eternals. Between tailoring, blacksmithing, inscription, and jewelcrafting we go through a lot of materials.

We haven't rounded up the 1000g for the fourth tab yet. It will probably be for rep items when we do though.

Lithui will also be selling stuff as we go and putting that money back into the bank. Because there is no reasonable cause for keeping 25 stacks of solid stone.
So the general principal for using the bank and keeping it under control is that we'll sell the extra stuff, but never all of it. So the 25 stacks of solid stone will dwindle to 2 or 3 or so. There is also no limit on withdrawing as long as you're going to use it. Our characters will generally keep the materials that they need for skilling up on themselves. For example, Viljo is keeping the Northrend herbs on himself and will send any other herbs he gets to the bank. Mornara is keeping the gems that will skill her in her own bag, but the ore she is past will be sent to the bank.

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Wendy said...

Hm. I will have to send some stuff to the little magelet then, for the bank.

Not that I think you want a stack of Eternal Earth, as I'm sure you have plenty already, but I have some extras of others that you might want. ^_^