Saturday, September 5, 2009

Naxx 10

Last night Eeyan and Telt went into Naxx10 with a three quarter guild group. It was mostly alts and people who had relatively recently hit 80. We pulled a pug or two in and off we went.

Telt and another priest who was "practicing healing" were the healers, and we had a very nice shadow priest who kindly filled in during the 4 hoursemen. Our tanks were a bear, who had recently gotten to 80, and a very well geared pally, who had recently been Faction Changed from Alliance.

Anyway as can be seen from the logs, we were chugging merrily along. I was leader and was doing all the loot mastering. Which is a lot harder than it always seems. Both of the tanks had assist, and I was perfectly happy that they were merrily charging off and deciding who was doing what tank wise. I was also giving the other healer a few directions, but mostly she was doing fine. Her gear was pretty nice, but Telt was still outhealing her by a bunch. I give credit to holy spec and my ability to spam group heals.

We weren't making spectacular time, but we'd gotten Construct and Death Knight wings down pretty easily. The only wipe we had was on 4 horsemen, before I remembered that the spriest could go holy to get the back. But then the server crashed. In fact, not only did the server crash, the whole battle group crashed. After about 20 minutes of waiting to see if it would come back up DraNgNon and I just went to bed. Hopefully we can finish up tonight or tomorrow.

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