Sunday, September 20, 2009


I can't decide if it is an IMplosion or an EXplosion. But either way there has been some sort of plosion in Deterrence.

For the past couple of weeks Deterrence has been unable to clear the Faction Champions in TOtC. We lost a few people and so had to pug 10-ish of the people in our 25-mans for the past few weeks as well. And now there are only 4 or 5 people showing up for 25man raids...

It's really sad, since I though that Deterrence actually had a lot of promise. But first Softieknight and then Carolije drove people out of the guild. Then one of of the officers (RequiemX) was absolutely childish in a raid and then looted the gbank and went off to form his own guild. And during all of this the original guild leader at first was MIA, and then passed leadership to the raid leader. The raid leader is a nice guy and he promoted a bunch of other officers, but he still wasn't all that great at delegating.

So Viljo and Kuan have watched the plosion of Deterrence and are now looking for another guild to join. Perhaps we can follow Nothinman into Smile. Perhaps we can convince Bloodcry and Hellshot to let us back into Darkfall. Perhaps there is another guild out there that we could make the raid times for.

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Patrick said...

As awesome as it would be to have you back in DF, I should also say that I can only approve of following Nothinman, because his hunter pet is named Bosco.