Saturday, September 19, 2009


I said in an earlier post: the +hit lets me swap a neck gear in my standard raid set for something with no hit, but crit, and more spellpower.

Well, that was the badged neck, Lattice Choker of Light. Now, Kuan was saving up for buying the T8.5 chest for his heal set, and once I had enough badges I went to the vendor. And saw that for 19 of them I could get Frozen Tear of Elune.

So now Kuan has even more crit, and the healy chest has to wait more. I know, that's not that many badges to farm, but we've been busy wiping on faction champions, which Deterrence would rather keep trying instead of progress in Ulduar which would, as a side effect, get enough people geared so that faction champions would be easy.

Hence my spending some cycles leveling Ikoli. I thought the Coliseum was boring when they first released it. Now I think so even more.

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