Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tabard of the Achiever

Viljo has had 23 tabards for quite a while now. And recently I decided that this was no longer ok. Viljo needed to have 25 tabards.

So Viljo convinced Eeyan to come to Heroic Mana Tombs and kill some mobs until Viljo hit exalted with Consortium. It turns out that even with decent gear at level 80 those ethereals hit pretty hard when you're only wearing cloth or leather. But Viljo and Eeyan persevered and Viljo finally got exalted.

Unfortunately Eeyan said no to going to run Black Morass or Old Hillsbrad on Heroic. Especially since Viljo needed 1500 rep, instead of just the 700 that Consortium was missing. So Viljo was slightly disheartened as he went to get his spiffy new Consortium tabard.

But then I though of where I'd gotten my 23rd tabard: The Argent Tournament! Granted the paladins there were mostly a bunch of poufs, but they still gave out Champion's Seals. So Viljo tootled up to the Argent Tournament. And spent some seals on a very lovely Orgrimmar Tabard.

With that 25th tabard Viljo got the achievement: Twenty-Five Tabards. And suddenly there was a mail in his mailbox:

From: Windle SparkShine
Subject: Quite the Achiever

I couldn't help but notice what a fine collection of Tabards you've managed to collect over the seasons. You might as well add this one to your collection. It's simply been gathering dust in my wardrobe.

And contained in the mail was the lovely Tabard of the Achiever, which will be the tabard that Viljo wears from now on.

Well at least until I get bored of it. Or find one that matches better. Or decide that I want to have a special tabard on for some holiday or raid. Or, you know, just swap on a whim. How do you think I got so many tabards to start with??

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DD said...

I just got my Tabard of the Achiever. Definitely one of the best looking in the game.

But I never see anyone else wearing one. Do you?