Friday, September 11, 2009

Living in Azeroth

I was looking at Blue posts last night while stuck at work. One of the posts I noticed was someone asking where your characters would live. It caught my attention and I've been randomly pondering where my different characters would all live.

Viljo would have a room at the Filthy Animal in Dalaran. He doesn't altogether trust the Dalaran mages, so he'd want to live in Dal to keep an eye on them. Even if that means that he'd have to deal with Alliance in the streets. He'd keep at apt in Orgrimmar to get some Alliance free time, and of course to be on hand to defend Thrall and Vol'jin at need.

Teltanara would for sure live in Silvermoon. Kael'thas may have betrayed the Blood Elves, but Silvermoon is still the capital, and has the best (BE/all others) ratio. It's also a city so she can get whatever she needs without putting too much effort into having to go get it her self.

Mornara doesn't really have a home. She's more of a wandering fighter. She spends time wherever she has been fighting most recently. If she could settle down though she'd probably want to be in Orgrimmar or possibly Undercity.

Kairon would have a hut in Sen'jin Village. He'd spend some time in Orgrimmar as well, but Casimir (his tiger) prefers the jungles of the Echo Isles best.

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draNgNon said...

Early on in the game, there was talk of letting guilds have guild halls, and that is where your characters could live, and I think have a set up for food and drink and whatnot.

I don't think they fleshed it out too well, though it sounds like they might revisit the idea for the next expansion.