Saturday, October 17, 2009

Son of ToC10 Fail

Friday night we took Mornara and Ikoli into Botanica, and killed two mobs, which is what it took to get Sha'tar Honored and the Heroic Key for Tempest Keep. While we did this, we convinced Rahlenti to walk us through Shadow Labs.

We had just embarked on this adventure when guildies put together another ToC10 run. This time they Rahlenti was going to tank, and since there was a mostly set of different people, we went to. They asked if Kuan was heals. I said "I can heal, but it is not my natural state of being." They got Eviljuls to be OT. She was worried about her health, but I wasn't really.

There were quite a few pugs, one at least I knew; a resto druid named Fleshwounds, whose lock is Doondoons and I've played with him on both toons plenty in the last couple years. So I felt better about this going in.

But we were still unable to get past the worms. Just total fail. A couple of the wipes were loosely my fault - Kuan died in the fire, once becuase he had a snobold and once becuase I was just too damned slow moving him - but after a large number of wipes, (mostly on Gormok, but a couple on worms) we gave up.

I don't get what the problem is, here. I don't think it's me, well other than the two wipes where I was in the fire...

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