Thursday, October 15, 2009

ToC10 Fail

Last night we logged in to do a play a little bit of relaxing WoW. We were each bumming around on alts and about to do a few dailies and fish and such. Then someone asked if anyone wanted to do a ToC10 run. We said sure, and logged to Kuan and V and started moving to the instance.

We thought that it would be a speedy clear that would net us some nice badges and a potential upgrade dropping. Alas, it was not to be. The group was unable to get past Northrend Beasts. The whole thing was pretty fail. The tanks were both a little bit undergeared, all of us dps were not doing so hot, one of the priests had never seen it before, and the other priest was just not doing a good job.

It was really disappointing because both Kuan and V have done that instance just fine before. But instead of a nice speedy clear we just had wipes until we called it. We didn't ever get past the Jormungar. If we made it to them we would then die pretty swiftly to the worms.

Ah well, at least we when we called it WinterGrasp was just about to start. It made me fell better to go slaughter some Alliance and capture the Keep. :D

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