Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ding! You have Guild Drama!

DraNgNon and I were driving home on Sunday night when my phone dinged. It was the new text message ding, and it was from Wendy. Wendy was texting us to let us know that someone had been kicked from the Darkfall.

There had been a few people leaving the guild over the weekend. Apparently they weren't happy with how things were going and went off to form their own guild. That's fine. I'm sure they will learn soon enough that running a guild is more work than they realized, and that getting 25 people together to raid is actually really hard. Anyway it only remained fine up to the point where they started trying to recruit people to join their new guild. Specifically people in Darkfall. That got the people who had not yet left but were recruiting kicked.

Anyway Wendy was texting to let us know that Hairsuit, the main beartank, had apparently posted on the Darkfall forums trying to recruit for the new guild. I don't know if he was planning on leaving or if he just thought that he was being helpful to people who might want to have a raid spot and currently didn't. Either way as soon as one of the officers saw his post he was no longer a member of Darkfall.

Now DraNgNon and I are wondering if we're the Typhoid Marys of Guild Drama. There was Drama, we left Darkfall last year. We went to Thwarted Destiny, and they had a couple of their better raiders leave. We went to Twisted Minds, and two thirds of their raiders left. We went to Deterrence, and while they recruited they never did get a regular enough group to get a full 25man going. And then some of the top officers stopped showing up and the guild fell apart. And now we're back in Darkfall, and 4 raiders have left. It's not enough to stop Darkfall from fielding full raids with several people on standby, but still it is weird.

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