Saturday, October 24, 2009

Non-progression 10man raiding

For all that he's mostly been doing dailies, and not even selling mats or crafted items, Eeyan sure generates a lot of gold.

But, that gets boring. And Eeyan had not actually completed any 10man raids in WotLK. So today I caught some folks in guild chat who were feeling like OS 10, and Eeyan and Teltanara and a handful of guildies ran it and got the completion achievement!

Right when we finished, Evallen logged on. She was also feeling the lack of 10man raids in her uh, unlife and so despite it being Saturday we managed to put a run together with 6 Darkfallers and 4 pugs. It had some slow moments in there as we swapped out pugs (the dps warrior who only did 1400dps and had no flying mount got kicked after a while), but was pretty straight forward and we even oneshot Kel'thuzad. None of the Darkfallers in the run (including 3 mains) had down'd 10man Kel'thuzad before so I felt pleased it wasn't just a bunch of guildies escorting Eeyan and Telt through. Unfortunatly, Eeyan died the most. :-( I need to start actually playing him a bit more seriously.

He also got his [Heroes' Bonescythe Pauldrons], better late than never I suppose.

I am sure Clara will update this from a different perspective - she's been playing around with addons and these raids were her first use of the new setup -

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