Sunday, October 25, 2009


Yesterday I was on my banker alt, Athria. I was putting a few things in the Ah and checking what had sold. Since she is my banker I have trade showing for her. Usually I find trade a wretched hive of scum and villainy, filled only with people asking dumb questions and posting Chuck Norris jokes. I do track it just because rarely people will actually have something they want to sell or buy.

Yesterday I saw someone looking for more for Black Wing Lair, the level 60 tier 2 raid. While both Kuan and Viljo did actually raid it at level 60 neither of them killed Nefarian, the end boss. So we joined up and headed to Black Rock Mountain. It was definitely a blast from the past. With a full raid of 80s the raid went fast. We just smashed through everything.

At the end Nef died speedily and both Kuanchichi and Viljo got the BWL achieve. Kuan also got Classic Raider, but Viljo is missing ZG and RAQ. I'm sure this will eventually become a feat of strength because Cataclysm and the upcoming destruction from Deathwing will most likely destroy the piddly strong hold that his easily defeated son (Nef) had created.

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