Thursday, October 8, 2009

Black Morass

Last night after we finally got on line we decided to mess about with Mornara and Ikoli. Even though we'd finished with work late I thought it was still early enough to get a Black Morass run in.

So Mornara and Ikoli grouped up and started looking for a few dps. We did a few quests in Nagrand before we ended up with a level 76 warrior, a 72 hunter, and hellnite (Hellwell's alt) a level 67 DK.

Of course we had forgotten to mention that BM needs the prereq of OHB in order to be able to enter it. It turns out that everyone but Mornara and Ikoli had not done OHB. SO we did that. It was pretty ok. Ikoli did a fine job of healing, and I think I did ok with tanking. I was a bit behind when Thrall went on his rampage, but at least I managed to keep Ikoli from getting hit too much. The hunter was pretty good, I got a bunch of misdirects from her, and that helped a lot.

Unfortunately after we did OHB the hunter had to bail because of a migraine. The warrior didn't say anything, but just disappeared. We were at a loss, because there was no way the three of us were going to do BM.

But then Eviljuls logged on. She said she'd help us. Unfortunately it turns out she had never gotten attuned to BM either. So back we went to OHB. It was a bit more chaotic this time, but with an 80 DK along it went even faster. So we blew through OHB and BM. And everyone got the achieve for reg BM. Perhaps if people are around we'll get H BM done tonight.

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