Monday, October 26, 2009

For The Horde

Kuan and Viljo popped online Sunday evening. We had been planning to do some farming before the 9pm Ulduar raid. Maybe we'd run a heroic and get the daily done.

Instead draNgNon saw "LFM for Cap city raid" in trade chat. I quickly swapped to Viljo from my banker alt and off we went. The group decided to do Ironforge first. There was the usual mixups where people were confused about where to go and various people were unable to get on a bird and fly. But fortunately we had locks, so the summons went out.

Anyway, Ironforge was the first city we hit. We rode from Kargath and straight in the front gates of IF. As we rode into the throne room the RL apparently got coldfeet. He tried to tell us to abort because there were too many Allies. Fortunately everyone ignored him and we slaughtered Magni Bronzebeard. Booyah! Death to the King! And since that was the last Alliance leader that Kuan and Viljo needed they also got For the Horde!

There were enough alliance to kill us so we killed Magni but couldn't escape ourselves. Quick graveyard rez and then a port to Stonard. There Kuanchichi and Viljo checked their mail.

Thrall is so proud of us! We killed the Alliance leaders! He is so happy we did that that he sent us BEARS to ride.

Yay Black War Bear!

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