Friday, January 29, 2010

Mornara the Warlock, Part 3

Story starts here.

Mornara groaned as something prodded her roughly in the ribs. She opened her eyes and looked up at the armored form and glowing blue eyes of a Death Knight. His boot had been what woke her.

"Good, you're awake." The Death Knight kicked her hard in the side. "No point hurting you until you're conscious to feel it."

Mornara gasps and rolls away from the Death Knight. She gets to her feet, still a little wobbly. As she starts to chant a curse, the Death Knight gathers swirling ice crystals in one hand. Just as she is about to send the curse on to him the Death Knight gestures and ice filled air swirls around her head and shoulders. Mornara feels like her skull is filled with shards of ice, all simultaneously trying to stab in and burst out. Mornara presses her hands to her temples, the curse completely forgotten. When the pain fades she lifts her head, surprised that her hands aren't covered in blood and also surprised to realize she had fallen to her knees from the pain.

"Tsk tsk," the Death Knight slowly shakes his head at Mornara. "No casting allowed. You might be stronger than the ghouls if we let you do that."

As Mornara gets to her feet again the Death Knight knocks on the cell door. Three ghouls come at his knock and the door is closed after them. The Death Knight crosses his arms and grins as he leans lazily against the iron cell door.

Mornara takes a quick look around her cell but aside from the Death Knight and the three ghouls the cell contains nothing but her. The stone walls and floor are bare of anything she could use to defend herself. And sometime before she woke up she was stripped of her weapons and magical armor.

The ghouls shuffle towards her and she takes an involuntary step backwards. The Death Knight's grin widens. Mornara scowls and steps up to punch the closest ghoul. As soon as she hits the nearest ghoul all three of them are on her punching and kicking. Thankfully there was no biting, but Mornara had trained very little and was much better at magical than physical combat. As the ghouls pummeled Mornara the last thing she saw before she blacked out was the Death Knight smirking.

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