Saturday, January 2, 2010

returning farmland to its natural state

Whenever I go travelling, I look around at the farms flanking the road, and wonder, how much prettier and better would the world be if it wasn't all cut up in square plots of furrowed land. Surely there is something unnatural happening to the water and temperature balance of the soil when we do that.

Like this; Ikoli travelled to Tanaris, just to see it all ploughed up.

O wait. That's not The World, that's Azeroth. I shouldn't be seeing little square plots of furrowed land there; that's a graphics issue in my WoW client.

I've been considering this state of affairs for days and finally tonight took the time to look up this problem on the WoW Mac Technical Support forum. Here's the thread about it, but I repeat the Blue instructions here:

1) Close the WoW application
2) Navigate to your main World of Warcraft folder
3) Open the file in your WTF folder
4) Add the following line to the bottom of the file: SET gxapi "OpenGL"
5) Save and Close
6) Restart WoW

I tried it, and Kuanchichi then went to Tanaris. Kuan is nature-boy and really prefers to leave things wild, since then the Spirits are stronger. Upon seeing all was well, he relaxed.

Now if only I could just add a line item to some law and have that happen to The World.

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