Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mornara the Warlock, Part 1

The young orc girl was strong in body and mind. She wanted to help the Horde. So she made the hot and dusty journey to the Valley of Trials. There she met with the different trainers. She had no interest in the elements or animals so the shaman and hunter trainers passed her by. She had a magical gift and was strong willed, so the warlock trainers chose her before the warriors or the rogues reached her.

After she learned a small bit of Thalassian she choose the name Mornara. In Elven, Mornara means black morning or black dawn. She had no idea how appropriate that name would become.

Mornara did well at her Warlock studies. She mastered several demons and found the shadow power of the warlocks to come easily and naturally to her.

Mornara traveled over much of Azeroth with a paladin companion, Tylara. They vanquished many evils and started to gain some renown within the horde.

Then Mornara and Tylara had a falling out. It was never clear what caused their disagreement. If it was that Tylara grew disdainful of Mornara's use of the Shadow and familiarity with demons. Or if Mornara grew tired of Tylara's holier than thou attitude and distrusted the blood elves' intentions. Either way Mornara parted ways with Tylara and struck out on her own.

Mornara still wanted to help the Horde. She heard that the Plaguelands were a good place to fight the recent and strengthening threat of the Lich King. She ventured there and participated in a few battles against the Lich King's undead minions. Mornara distinguished herself in the fighting with her determination and the strength of her magic and demons.

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