Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So Mornara and Ikoli have been continuing to do random dungeons. And as much as I'd like to make yet another rant about stupid hunters or ret pallies who think they are tanking or that mage who thought it would be so helpful to pull for me, I really need to complain about that idiot tank who forgot to put Frost Presence on.

Wait, what's that you say? Mornara was tanking? ...Oh yeah,she was... I was that idiot tank, and I forgot to put Frost Presence up after swapping specs.

Now, in my defense I only forgot for the first 3 pulls in DTK. But that is balanced by the fact that I was not the one who noticed that I didn't have it up. In fact what happened, was that I lost aggro on that 4-pack at the end of the first hallway. While Ikoli finished rezzing the dead dps, I apologized profusely for losing aggro. On of them asked if I had Frost Presence up, and of course I actually didn't. So I apologized even more, put it up, and then we proceeded to smash merrily through the instance.

The moral of the story here is several things. First, check if Frost Presence is up, check it every time. Second, everyone makes mistakes. But the way to tell if the person is an asshole or not is in how they respond to their mistakes. If they don't fix them and apologize they are assholes. This of course is contingent on the mistakes being pointed out gracefully or at least not in an abrasive fashion.

Also: bonus points to Ikoli for managing to keep me alive for those three pulls even though I was missing the extra health and armor from Frost Presence. Ikoli is an excellent healer, and I never worry about dying with her behind me.

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