Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mornara the Warlock, Part 5

Story starts here.

Mornara has no way to tell how much time has passed since she was captured. Her days have shrunk to unconsciousness or fitful sleep on the cold stone floor, barely enough food and water, and beatings from the Death Knight and his ghouls. Mornara is only sure she is still alive because her muscles hurt from the beatings, and she's not entirely sure that means she's alive.

Any time Mornara tries to cast a spell or summon a demon she gets the splitting headache that feels like her brain is being stabbed by shards of ice. If she is so foolish as to try to cast in the presence of the Death Knight he chokes her until she starts to black out from lack of air.

Despite Mornara's resolve, the constant cold and hunger and pain from the physical beatings are starting to be too much for her.

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