Sunday, January 3, 2010

the New Eeyan

Eeyan and Telt pulled Halls of Reflection, which they still hadn't done, for their random daily last night. They also pulled three rogues as the DPS. This simply didn't work and after vote-kicking the tank, then wiping to red despite replacement better tank, the rogues dropped group. We oneshot everything once a ret pally and a mage were pulled in.

Last week, when running Forge of Souls, Eeyan picked up the axe [Nighttime]. An evaluation of it showed that it was not a big enough increase over the ever-cool-looking [Calamity's Grasp] to be worth switching specs until Eeyan got a decent sword for the offhand.

So lo and behold, what should drop in the end of Halls of Reflection but [Liar's Tongue]!!! And nobody else wanted it. So now Eeyan is Combat Swords, or rather H&S. I've never had him Swords before.

Here he is waiting on the steps of the Bank of Dalaran for Teltanara to come enchant the weapons.

Respeccing is expensive when you're dual-spec'd! Ugh. Anyhow for raiding, after comparing them, I used the spec (right out of Elitist Jerks), and for farming/outdoor questing, I have this spec. I haven't re-glyphed him yet.

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