Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mornara the Warlock, Part 4

Story starts here.

When Mornara next wakes she is alone in the cell. She takes a closer look around, but still finds nothing that could be used as a weapon. The cell is all smooth stone with an iron door. There are vents at the ceiling, but they are too small to fit anything more than fetid air and a faint blue light. The only thing she finds is a piece of bread and a wooden cup of water on the floor next to the door. Mornara carefully smells both the bread and the water. However, the pervasive smell of decay and cold covers any drugs or poisons that might be in the food.

Mornara has just finished the bread and is taking a last sip of water when the cell door opens. The same Death Knight enters followed by two ghouls. Before the Death Knight has a chance to react Mornara's fingers twitch and she sets one of the ghouls on fire.

The Death Knight growls and steps forward to grab Mornara's throat. He slams her into the wall and punches her several times as the ghoul burns out.

"Get rid of that useless carcass," growls the Death Knight.

The remaining ghoul slowly drags the charred ghoul corpse out of the cell. However, Mornara isn't paying much attention to it. The Death Knight has a firm grip on her throat and slams her against the wall a couple more times, not letting up the pressure on her throat.

Mornara reaches for the Death Knight's wrist. She tries to pry his fingers loose from her throat, but can't get any grip with his gauntlet in the way.

"You're a little more spirited than I expected." The Death Knight leans in so his face is right in Mornara's. She flinches as his breath brushes her cheek. "This will be more fun than I had hoped."

Mornara tries to kick the Death Knight, but he blocks her with a knee. Her hands clutch at his grip on her throat. She tries to get any sort of leverage on his fingers or failing that in the joints of his gauntlet. Black spots and flashes block Mornara's vision as she starts to run out of air.

The Death Knight pulls a vial from his belt pouch. He thumbs the stopper out and tips the contents into Mornara's mouth. Mornara gags and tries to pull away from the Death Knight, but he never reduced his hold on her throat. The thick black liquid burns her mouth and throat as it goes down.

Once Mornara has swallowed most of the contents of the vial the Death Knight lets go of her throat and steps back. Mornara bends over, coughing and wheezing. She spits to clear her mouth, "What was that?"

The Death Knight smiles evilly, "Not the Plague." He steps forward and swiftly punches Mornara in the face. She feels a painful crack and blood starts flowing from her nose. Still out of breath, Mornara gasps in pain and tries to use her sleeve to staunch the flow of blood from her nose. The Death Knight punches her squarely in the solar plexus. Mornara makes a choked noise and drops to the floor.

Mornara lies on the floor bleeding and gasping for air as the Death Knight stands over her. "We'll continue this later." He kicks her in the ribs for emphasis and then leaves the cell. Over the sound of Mornara's blood thickened breathing she can hear the click as the cell is locked.

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