Sunday, March 25, 2012

alt #4 is max level and must look pretty

Yesterday, with horrible weather outside, Clara and I decided we were tired of leveling Tylara and Khyrie, and we were going to play them until they were 85, which they now are. Huzzah!

We determined to run through the entirety of Deepholm, which we did for the sake of shoulder enchants; and then went to Uldum, and traded off Ramkahen quests with normal randoms. Unfortunately Blizzard's idea of normal randoms for level 84 characters is to swap back and forth between Vortex Pinnacle and Stonecore; I feel I am spoiled, playing a tank in there, as those are so easy. They also don't drop much in the way of qualifying gear for heroic 5 mans.

Perhaps in a later post I will talk about how Stonecore behind Priestess Azil appears to be where the opening cinematic for Cataclysm tool place. Yes, we were in there enough times to compare the area with the cinematic.

Today, of course, we had to go about the business of taking some motley character that was leveling via facerolling and making it not be an embarrassment to the guild tag hanging over its head. I decided for Tylara this fell on Eeyan, who had nothing left to buy with Justice Points. She bought a [Deflecting Brimstone Band] herself, with all the JP from the randoms. Then Eeyan crafted an [Elementium Earthguard] for her, then bought her [Bracers of Regal Force] and [Rock Furrow Boots] with JP. Then after alt hopping for the mats, he also crafted [Hardened Elementium Hauberk] and [Hardened Elementium Girdle].

Tylara bedecked all this gear, hit ilvl 335, and looked like she was preparing to go into a weightlifting competition in the mud. Really?

Really! in the fog too, with her knees all lit up.

So, once I got that all taken care of, and enchant & gem requests to Clara, who has the useful professions on her alts, I went and dug out the [Tempered Saronite] gear I'd saved, crafted a pair of shoulders too, and after a couple of comparisons, dug out some of the midlevel Cataclysm gear she hadn't vendored. And marched her to the transmogrifier. Becuase for a Blood Knight, even more important than respec'ing and reforging and being a tank who facerolls through instances without disheveling one's hair, is to look put together.


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