Thursday, March 29, 2012

Infinite Foreshadowing

I've been going through the massive number of screenshots on my desktop, which means that soon(tm) I'll have a bunch of Hour of Twilight and Dragon Soul dialogue posts up. But in the mean time I found this pic from our Mt Hyjal Past raid the other day.

Indormi says: Do you think the rumors about the Infinite Dragonflight are true? I've sensed it... the familiarity.
Tydormu says: That is a dangerous train of thought. If something was truly amiss, Soridormi would be the first to know.

I vaguely remember the above chat from when I was originally running Mt Hyjal Past in BC, but I didn't spend a lot of time in the pre-raid area. This forshadowing is pretty great. After all, who, while running Black Morass over and over, was able to believe that the Infinite Dragonflight wasn't some sort of twisted Bronze flight? Our theories at the time ranged from some legion turned type of dragon, to it just being a different faction of the Bronze flight but with the black negative coloring for a disguise.

I do distinctly remember doing the quests for Chromie in Dragonblight that sent you to the Bronze Dragonshrine. There you were supposed to investigate the fighting between the Infinte and Bronze Dragonflights and try to discover their leader. Funny how Chromie was confused when the dragon that appeared after the hourglass was defended was Nozdormu. She tried to logic it away by saying that he was fighting the Infinites and wasn't it great that the rest of the flight now had some idea where he was... I think all the time travel Chromie has done has scrambled her brain, because even then, well before the End Time dungeon it was obvious to me that Nozdormu was leading the Infinites.

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