Thursday, March 22, 2012

Experimental Specimen Slicer

Mornara likes her axes. I'm sure I've mentioned this before. Not only is she an orc with that lovely orc racial bonus for using an axe, but a nice axe cleaving through her enemies just appeals in a very visceral way. Heart Strike seems more plausible when I'm using an axe.

For most of the Firelands raiding Mornara carried the Skullstealer Greataxe from Shannox. It wasn't a bad axe. In fact it was quite a nice axe and lasted her a good long while. It didn't quite match the rest of her Firelands tier gear, but it wasn't so far off as to be butt ugly.

However the item I replaced it with, the Experimental Specimen Slicer from regular Yor'sahj, aka skittles boss, was actually kind of creepy.

It's hard to see since that is just a picture, but there are small tendrils or perhaps tentacles coming out from the axe. The spiky bits along the back and top of the axe also waved gently back and forth on their own yellow-ish tentacles.

Yes, yes, I know: Dragon Soul is all about stopping Deathwing and the old gods behind him from destroying the world. It stands to reason that there will be tentacles. In fact, this axe isn't nearly as bad as several swords that drop from Madness and from Archbishop Benedictus. But that axe is the item that is strapped to Mornara's back. Those tentacles are the ones nuzzling against (or between /shudder) her armor.

So when we ran Karazhan I rolled need on Gorehowl. Gorehowl is a lovely axe. It's got a nice curve to it and a subdued red sheen to the metal. But best of all the spikes on the back of it don't move! No more tentacles! So, of course, Mornara promptly visited the Ethereal transmog shop and fixed her axe to look not-creepy.

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