Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Valorous Scourgeborne Transmog

When Transmogrification first came out with the 4.3 patch I wasn't really sure how I wanted Mornara to look. I actually like how the the DK tier gear from Firelands looks. So aside from a shoulder upgrade to make her gear look a little more "Dragon Soul-ish" I kept her gear transmogged to the Elementium Deathplate set.

I'd been considering the Scourge lord's gear, but am still missing a belt and boots for the set. I've not had much of a chance to run ICC10 and when I do I get no RNG love. When I get a chance for ICC I'd rather go for 25 anyway, Morn still needs to work on Shadow's Edge.

One of the Monday fun runs that Darkfall did at the beginning of March was Naxx25. We actually did it two weeks in a row in a futile attempt to get Shocking. The name is all too apt, because if I ever actually get that achieve I'm going to have a heart attack from shock. Anyway, in one of those runs I managed to snag the chest token for the Valorous Scourgeborne Set. After a small side trip to Griselda Hunderland for shoulders, legs, belt, and boots, and another detour to my bank for the gloves, and I'm ready to transmog!

After a little bit of thought I grabbed the Reforged Trollbane from my bank as well. I like how the black handle looks with the Valorous Scourgeborne black and red.

But then just a few days ago I was looking at my tabard as I teleported to Northrend for a JC quest. And as I once again thought that the Argent Crusader's Tabard just didn't look right for a Death Knight, I realized that I had a tabard that would look absolutely superb.

During the Burning Crusade the leader of Darkfall was Drognin. I still keep in sporadic touch with him, but the point of this is that one day during BC DraNgNon and I browbeat him into changing the guild tabard. It had been some ridiculous thing with eyes or paws. I forget exactly what it was, but on female characters it looked quite horrible, and it didn't look all that great on male trolls either. Anyway, after he was done changing the tabard to our satisfaction, it was the above lovely shield and sword motif.

No one has changed that tabard since then, and I kind of like that.

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