Friday, July 12, 2013

Durumu and Primordius Dead!

This week we didn't extend our lockout. Instead we just blasted through the first five bosses on Tuesday. Due to a couple of turtle kicking issues we spent a little too much time on Tortos and didn't have time to get to Ji-Kun. So when Thursday came around we had all that annoying trash before Ji-Kun to clear. It was actually hilarious. There were more than a few butt aggros, but we did make it to Ji-Kun. The big bird died quite speedily again.

Then we moved on to Durumu. Last week we'd had time to do a few pulls on him. Just enough to get horribly murdered by the colored lights. Fortunately this week after a few messups with red beams we actually pulled out a kill. It was rather epic because for the last 10% of his health both of our dedicated healers were dead. The hybrid classes made it work by tossing just enough heals out that the raid lived and the boss died.

After Durumu was dead we moved on to Primordius. First Saurok Gollum was actually pretty easy. If we'd not had both me and the other tank lag out and DC during the fight, as well as the monk healer I really think we would have one shot him. As it was we had a 20 minute unplanned bio break as three people (who live near each other) all had their internet crap out. Fortunately they managed to get back online and we just slaughtered Primordius.

As I said before I am really surprised and impressed how fast we're killing bosses now that we're past Horridon. This is the second week in a row where we've killed two new bosses. And while I think that Darkfall is awesome I also am absolutely convinced that Horridon sucks dirty donkey balls.

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