Thursday, July 18, 2013

Merciless Pet Brawler

This weekend I messed around a bit more with my PvP Pet Battle teams. I had a nice relaxing Saturday morning eating scones and drinking Chai and slaughtering other peoples pets.

The first team I got working well was Anubisath Idol with Clockwork Gnome and Mr Bigglesworth. The Idol negates almost all periodic damage with Sandstorm, and both the Gnome and Mr Bigglesworth have a pretty strong delayed hit. I also set up Idol to use rupture, which hits pretty hard and has a chance to stun. If the other team had a bunch of small hits, poison or turret or whatnot then Sandstorm almost entirely negated it.

The second team I had good luck with was the opposite of the first one. I had my corefire imp, Clockwork Gnome, and Lil'Ragnaros. The basic idea here was to make sure that the corefire imp kept up wild magic (+70 damage to every attack) on the current enemy pet, And then just pile on the dots. It worked, but if my imp died I was a bit stuck. Still fun to see turret and immolation just melt an opponent while wild magic was up though. I do need to do a bit more experimentation with my third pet on that team though. Lil'Ragnaros can be pretty strong, but I think that Ghaz'rooki might fit in better.

Between these two teams and a bunch of others that I tried out I finished up ten PvP wins with a level 25 team. Not only did I get an achieve but I also finished the Pet Brawlers quest. The quest reward bag sadly didn't have any sort of flawless Battlestone, but I did get a Pet Treat, which was really nice for getting another 4 pets to 25 in the next hour.


Durandal said...

FYI, apparently Pet Treat and Lesser Pet Treat stack.

Clara said...

Good to know.