Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Megaera and Ji-Kun Dead

Last week after we killed Tortos I realized that this week would end up being a really short week, what with Fourth of July wiping out any raid on Thursday night. So I let everyone know that we'd be extending the raid lockout, and working on Megaera. I generally only like to extend raid lockouts for really special occasions. We're mostly de'ing the loot from Jin'rokh, but losing the chance to get hand tokens from Troll Council would kind of suck. However, with such a short raid week I figured it would be worth it.

The strategy for Megaera is almost the same for normal mode as for LFR. The only addition is that the heads out on the water spit crap at the non-tanks so they need to avoid things. We didn't kill the frost head at all so we only had to deal with cinders and acid bomb. There were a few snafus with the acid bomb. I tried to call it out, but a lot of the time my screen is entirely filled with hydra breath. But once the raid got used to moving out of it we had a pretty fast kill.

After Megaera we moved on to Ji-Kun. Amazingly we killed the giant bird thing on the second pull. I was quite frankly shocked and give most of the credit to our fabulous nest team. They were super awesome, and we had at most one baby bird trying to attack us. We also had some fabulous healing from the healer who didn't go with the away team. He managed to keep all seven of the rest of us alive through quills and all the crap on the ground.

Morn even won the leg token that dropped from Ji-Kun.

After Ji-Kun we had time to clear up to Durumu and do a few pulls on him. We need to work on the light beams coordination.

My conclusion from the night's work is that Horridon is a giant cock block. Tortos is too, but not nearly as bad as Horridon. I mean that fight took us weeks to master, with more than 50 wipes. But Megaera dies in 5 or 6 pulls and we kill Ji-Kun on our second try? That's not anything other than Horridon being a bastard.

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