Thursday, July 11, 2013

Guild achieves

Darkfall has gotten a few guild achieves lately.

The other night I realized that we hadn't killed Nalak or Oondasta with enough guildies in the same raid. So when I saw a Nalak run forming up before our ToT run I had everyone run out to hit him. With tag to faction, it's rather trivial to get the guild achieve for killing him.

A few days later we did the same thing with Oondasta. Since Oon isn't near ToT it was a pain to get 8 people online and out there. We managed it with a few alts and a small bit of dualboxing.

I'm not sure when we managed to get the Master Pandaria Crafter. I had no idea we were so close on that one. Clearly several people have been cranking out the epics.

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