Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Run TK for more pets, and possible Ashes of Alar.
Run SSC for pets.
Run Karazhan for more pets.
Vengeful Pet Brawler: total of 50 pvp pet battles won with level 25 pets.
Capture godsdamned Minfernal, the ONLY pet I'm missing for Zookeeper title.
Catch Stunted Yeti, Sumprush Rodent, and Unborn Valkyr. The only other battle pets I am missing.

Progress on Wrathion's legendary quest: need more Secrets of the Empire.
More ICC25, only have 9/50 Shadowfrost shards.
Complete the missing heroic dungeon achieves to get the Red Cloudserpent mount.
Various scenario achieves.
Get a weapon that isn't a polearm. Lack of good polearms is cramping my transmog style...

More LFR, need better gear.
More H Scenarios.
Exalted with August Celestials: farming and quests. Then buy recipe and make giant bags.
Check what other reps are needed for tailoring and enchanting.

More LFR, for better gear.
TK and SSC for T5 gear.
Start planting Songbells: need Spirits of Harmony.

Get some better gear, so I can get into LFR.
Figure out how to fire mage again.

Currently level 40, level up more.
Check what armor and jewelry can be made for him now he is 40.
More profession levels, particularly primary professions, but also cooking and first aid. NOT fishing or archaeology

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