Tuesday, July 2, 2013

PvP Pet Battles

I've got more than 40 pets at level 25. This is a big enough number that I feel like I could field a reasonable pvp pet team. The problem of course is finding a team to field.

I've been doing a bunch of experimentation with my pets and battle teams. Thus far I've lost about at least two thirds of my matches. I've had some random wins with a few experimental teams that happened to run up against a team that they were perfectly set to trounce. I've also had some really epic wins just squeaking out a win with perfect ability timing. Most of my losses have been close, and I have either made a bad choice in pet ability or gotten a miss at just the wrong time. I did manage to get the win ten pvp pet battles achieve, but still need a few more wins before I complete the win ten with a level 25 team.

My most consistent wins have been with my lil'ragnaros, phoenix hatchling, and crow. Lil'rag can line up some really strong hits by setting the enemy pet on fire and then smacking them really hard, bonus damage for hitting them while on fire. The phonix hatchling does the same but with slightly less starting hp. And the crow is there to take out any aquatic pets with a really strong combo of Darkness and Nocturnal strike. The weakest link here is the phoenix hatchling.

I've also tried some random teams but haven't been super happy with anything. I did run up against a brutal combo that included a Zandalari raptor and the clockwork gnome. The combo of Black Claw and Turret just annihilated one pet before I even realized what was going on.

One strategy that I saw successfully used was to get a team of pets with long CD big hits and just rotate them in and out. This worked best when they were delayed so that several would hit at once. Mr Bigglesworth worked pretty well for this, as well as any aquatic pet with their whirlpool or geyser ability. The geyser is slightly better since it stuns, and that can potentially stop an attack on your pet.

I also got trounced by a three moth team. That was brutal with no magic pets on my team, but would have been cake otherwise. I may have to try it out myself. I also want to get a three frog team and see if I can't frog kiss someone to death.

I need to form a team with a bunch of avoid abilities. Possibly the Anubisath Idol, a rabbit, and something that can burrow or dive. That might be a good counter to the teams that have a few gigantic hits. Maybe I can put my baby fawn in there to provide heals. I'll have to try that soon.

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