Monday, August 22, 2011

Annoying Trends in Teleportation

It used to be that Viljo made decent of pocket money teleporting the lazy or low level. This was back in Vanilla, BC, and Wrath. People needed to get to some other city and Viljo was more than happy to set up a port for the lazy. He'd only ask for enough to cover the cost of the rune. Viljo was obliging but, of course, there were limits, if you were too cheap to provide the 20s the rune cost he had better things to do. Most people were nice and would tip more than that. It was pretty common for a lowbie alt who wanted to get to Shatt'rath or Dalaran to give a 5g or 10g tip.

But then the Cataclysm happened.

When Deathwing burst out of Deepholm and destructivised Azeroth, he messed up the portals.

Khadgar, greatest living mage, could no longer make portals from Shatt'rath to Azeroth. Even with the Wind Chimes, I mean Naaru, helping him.
All the mages in Dalaran were suddenly unable to make portals from Dalaran to anywhere else.

Yes, they got a little of their ability back as time passed. Their efforts have now resulted in portals from Dalaran and Shatt'rath back to Orgrimmar and Stormwind. But they certainly have not gotten all their skill and power back, there are nowhere near the number of portals that there used to be in either Shatt'rath or Dalaran.

At the same time the Shamans (Shamen? I'm not sure how to pluralize here.) are now able to make portals. The Earthen Ring have set up circles in both Orgrimmar and Stormwind where they will send you to any one of five different locations around Azeroth and Deepholm. The Earthen Ring have also set up return portals in Mt Hyjal and Deepholm. And the Shamans at Dragonmaw Port have a permanent portal set up to allow travel back to Orgrimmar.

So what *is* going on here? The Cataclysm happens and now the mages can't make permanent portals, but the shaman can? This seems fishy! Viljo doesn't like it! How is a mage supposed to make an honest gold?

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