Monday, August 1, 2011

Mirror image image

Archaeology is a rather time consuming profession. It is clearly designed to take up the maximal amount of time. And honestly, if I couldn't do it while waiting for BG or arena I am not sure that I would do it at all.

A very few of the items you can get from it are awesome. There is some armor and a few weapons that are very awesome. But most of the stuff you unearth and piece together is vendor crap. More rarely you can also piece together random fun usable things.

The Highborne Soul Mirror is one of those random fun items. It'll create a stationary reflection of yourself.

Here you see Kuan and Morn goofing off with their reflections while waiting for a pull in ICC25.

Here is someone goofing off with the potion of illusion, and me being silly back with my mirror.

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