Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another Announcement

Hot on the heels of yesterday's announcements and buff to tank threat, there are announcements about patch 4.3.

  • The patch 4.3 raid will be Deathwing, the Abyssal Maw plans have been scrapped for now.

  • There are allegedly going to be 3 new 5-mans. One of which might be a new place in Caverns of Time. All of them will actually be new dungeons.

  • The Transmogrifier will be arriving to change the appearance of your gear.
    • You can only change to the same type of armor. Mail to mail, cloth to cloth, etc.

    • Legendary weapons are out. (I was already looking forward to Eeyan running around with those Warglaives all the time and am now disappointed.)

    • You probably will need to already own the armor you want to change appearance to, which only makes sense.

  • Void Storage is a new sort of bank tab.
    • You'll have a large number of slots for storage of old armor.

    • It's likely that that old armor will lose enchants/gems/profession enhancements when stored in Void Storage.

Some rough thoughts:

Deathwing is the next raid boss we'll deal with. Great, I'll be happy to finally kill him, but I really hope that 4.3 isn't for a while. Darkfall is suffering summer doldrums, and only last night did we kill Shannox on 25man. I would really like to kill Ragnaros before the next patch. I'm not sure if that will happen, we're a good guild, but not a great one. It is possible, after all we got Cho'gall before 4.2. Either way I'm really not ready to start thinking about the next raid; I'm busy with this one still!

I'm glad that any new 5 man dungeons won't be recycled. I understand that Cata is about revamping Azeroth, but so far we've had a lot of repeats. Firelands is just Molten Core 2.0. BWD is BWL 2.0. ZG and ZA are, well, ZG and ZA. It really feels like most of what we've seen so far in Cata isn't new, its just redone. We're not really seeing any new stories, hopefully with actually fighting Deathwing that will change, and we'll see new stuff.

Transmogrifier and Void Storage. Okay, these I'm honestly excited about.

So far they have explicitly mentioned armor and weapons being the only item that can be stored in the Void Storage. I'm hoping that ends up including tabards. Viljo and Mornara both have several bags worth of old gear and tabards taking up space. In fact Viljo still has every awesome looking weapon he's owned, since he won the roll for the Azuresong Mageblade in MC at level 60. Mornara still has all the blue gear she got out of the DK starting area with. I know that Kuanchichi has all or most of the T2 and T5 shaman sets. Getting at least 3 bags worth of slots back would be so awesome.

The Transmogrifier is also rather intriguing. I hope that it will be the case that you have to actually obtain the armor yourself before you can transmogrify your current stuff to look like it. I approve of requiring that the armor type stays the same, plate to plate etc, and the class restrictions are kept, which only makes sense if you have to actually have the item before you can transmogrify your current gear to look like it. This sort of change, though, will practically require everyone to have an addon that puts current ilvl somewhere easy to see.

Now the important change from adding the Transmogrifier is what will I have Mornara, Viljo, and Teltanara wearing? Viljo I'm thinking T5, or maybe what I have him wearing in the Figureprint I got. Telt, I liked the Primal Mooncloth set, and perhaps ether the Ulduar or Trial of the Crusader tier gear. Mornara I need to take a look at the ICC sets. I suspect I'll want to go back an get all of that, and perhaps upgrade it to the heroic pieces. Since I didn't really start playing her in raids seriously until ICC I barely remember what the different tier sets were before that. Either way it's definitely time to take stock of all the lovely gear out there and start grabbing up any items I'm missing that are particularly fabulous.

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