Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Zul'gurub

I like the way they redid ZG, as I've said before. It's pretty reasonably paced and has some interesting mechanics to deal with. The bosses are familiar but not exactly the same.

In particular the end boss is no longer Hakkar, but is Jin'do the Godbreaker. He has some nefarious plans that involve overpowering and taking power from Hakkar. In fact, the party has gotten here just in time, as he's already siphoning power from Hakkar.

Jin'do the Godbreaker yells: Welcome to de great show, friends. Just wait 'til ya see what I got in store for ya.

Spirit of Hakkar yells; Your deceit is unforgivable Jin'do. You spit in the face of a god!

Once you've beaten Jin'do for a bit he jumps into the spirit world and pulls you in with him. There you get to see the chains holding Hakkar imprisoned and do something about them. Once you've destroyed all the chains you also get to see, the now unbound, Hakkar face off with Jin'do. This doesn't go so well for Jin'do...

Spirit of Hakkar yells: You overstepped your bounds, Jin'do. You toy with powers that are beyond you. Have you forgotten who I am? Have you forgotten what I can do?!
Jin'do the Godbreaker yells: No... NOOOO!!!
Spirit of Hakkar yells: be freed, insects. I will deal with you another time.

Poor Jin'do, I'd feel sorrier for him he he hadn't planned to overrun Azeroth once he stole power from Hakkar.

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