Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BWL: Vaelastraz and Nefarian

The several weeks ago Mornara, Tylara, and a few others from Darkfall went to MC, BWL, and RAQ.

I've always liked the story behind Vaelastraz trying to stop Nefarian. You help him in LBRS, and that was the way to get into UBRS. And, if you had his ring, he'd help you against Rend while Nefarian watched. But then it didn't go so well in BWL for Vaelastraz. He was a big strong red dragon, but Nefarian was the acting leader of the black dragonflight.

Vael gets more or less curb stomped by Nefarian.

Blackwing Technician yells: Run! They are coming!
Lord Victor Nefarius yells: Ah... the heroes. You are persistent, aren't you? Your ally here attempted to match his power against mine - and paid the price. Now he shall serve me... by slaughering you.
Lord Victor Nefarius yells: Get up, little red wyrm... and destroy them!

Vaelastraz the Corrupt yells: Too late, friends! Nefarius' corruption has taken hold... I cannot... control myself.
Vaelastraz the Corrupt yells: I beg you, mortals - FLEE! Flee before I lose all sense of control! The black fire rages within my heart! I MUST - release it!
Vaelastraz the Corrupt yells: FLAME! DEATH! DESTRUCTION! Cower, mortals before the wrath of Lord... NO - I MUST fight this! Alexstraza help me. I MUST fight it!

Vaelastraz the Corrupt says:
I... I have failed, <Player>. The Lord of Bla... The Lord of Blackrock is too powerful. He consumed my energy with... with ease. I turn... I... kill me... you must... you must kill me.
Player says: I cannot, Valeastraz! Surely something can be done to heal you!

Vaelastraz the Corrupt says:
I perform one final service. I pray it is sufficient...
Player says: Vaelastraz, no!!!

Vaelastraz the Corrupt yells: Nefarius' hate has made me stronger than ever before! You should have fled while you could, mortals! The fury of Blackrock courses through my veins!

Vaelastraz's last act while in control of himself is to give the super buff Essence of the Red to everyone in the raid. It's pretty self sacrificing of him to give us the ability to defeat him.

The rest of the instance doesn't have all that much in the way of bosses with great story or dialogue until you get to Nefarian.

Lord Victor Nefarius says:
Do you expect me to cower before the mighty legion of <Player>?
You are nothing to me. Less than nothing. Had I desired your head, it would have been presented to me on a pike.
You have made the mistake that all mortals make.
<Lord Victor Nefarius sighs.>
Time does strange things to those that use it as a form of currency.
Player says: I've made no mistakes.

Lord Victor Nefarius says:
In your rush to glory, you assumed that the pace of the game revolved around your actions. Can you even fathom how preposterous that sounds to a being like me? A being that if so inclined could cause your own insignificant thoughts to crush the peanut sized mass of grey matter floating within your skull.
Player says: You have lost your mind, Nefarius. You speak in riddles.

Lord Victor Nefarius says:
It's simple really. Allow me to summarize...
Player says: Please do.

Lord Victor Nefarius yells: In this world where time is your enemy, it is my greatest ally. This grand game of life that you think you play in fact plays you. To that I say...
Lord Victor Nefarius yells: Let the games begin!

And then he turns into a gigantic black dragon that you have to fight, after you kill a bunch of drakonids of different colors and which he rezes later in the fight to fight you again.

Nefarian yells: This cannot be! I am the master here! You mortals are nothing to my kind! Do you hear me? Nothing!

As a side note: Nefarian is doing some experimental interbreeding of the different flights of dragons in BWL. You see many different colors whelps and black dragon eggs, in the first and third bosses. There are also some chromatic drakonids you have to fight as part of the trash, and, of course, Chromaggus has all the different flights abilities. However there are no undead dragons or drakonids until you get to the end and fight Nefarian himself. BWD copies this, with the rezing of Ony and the Animated Bone Warriors for the end fight there.

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