Friday, August 26, 2011

Mechano-Hog Part 2!

Wednesday I was doing a few random quests when I realized Mornara had mail. I ran over to the mailbox and lo and behold! There was a package for Mornara! It was wrapped up in red ribbon and had a very nice letter. Samajaja, the most awesome disc priest in the world, had given me a Mechano-hog. She had apparently decided that not knowing my birthday wasn't going to stop her from giving me a present!

I saw it and squeeeed. Morn looks so cool, almost as cool as Eeyan.

The Mechano-Hog turned out to be Mornara's 50th mount as well. So after squeeing at my present I learned it and got a double achieve surprise!

Oh, yeah. This hog is pure pwnage.

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