Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Deepholm Impressions

I like Deepholm very much. Perhaps I'm biased by who sends you there, but I'm willing to do just about anything Thrall asks.

Fly into a spinning watery vortex? Thrall said to, so lets go!

Vortex seems to be turning to magma? Well, Thrall said this had to be done, so we're doing it.

Once you're there you've got to repair the damage that Deathwing did breaking out of Deepholm. This is not easy to do, especially since you face hostile wildlife, Twilight's Hammer, and unfriendly inhabitants.

In fact one section of the inhabitants, headed by Therazane the Stone Mother, are particularly unhappy with you.

Deepholm was where both Kuan and Mornara maxxed out their gathering. Though I strongly suggest that making sure you're at least 475 in gathering before you go there. I neglected to do that with Mornara and had a frustrating evening flying over many nodes that I could not mine.

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